About me and that blog


My name is Sergii Demianchuk. I have over 18 year’s experience as a software engineer. At my work I am mostly using next technologies: PHP, Python, Java, Javascript, Symfony, Flask, Spring, Vue, Docker, AWS Cloud, ML, Ansible, Jenkins, MySQL, Redis, ElasticSeach. I started my IT carrier as  Engineer at national telecommunication Ukrainian networks. Than I worked as web full stack developer and IT manager for 10 years. After relocation to Poland at 2012, I continued my carrier path at Clicktrans company which represents  one of the biggest transport marketplaces in Europe. Currently I am taking the position of CTO&System Architect at Clicktrans. My work is concentrated around architecture for complex systems, using ML for solving transport problems, big data sets analysis, search & recommendations systems. I am also deeply involved at devops and security world. My favorite slogan:

There is nothing impossible. The main question is how to do complicated system in the most efficient way having right people on a board with keeping it safe and simple at support 🙂

That blog is a way to share my experience as software engineer, CTO and software architect. I hope you will find here a lot of interesting and useful stuff.

architecture AWS cluster cyber-security devops devops-basics docker elasticsearch flask geo high availability java machine learning opensearch php programming languages python recommendation systems search systems spring boot symfony