Symfony vs Flask vs Spring Boot – part 1 usability and speed of coding


Hi,  While making an online course “Elasticsearch as you have never known it before” I’ve created 3 separate sections with practice examples on how to build an advanced search system based on the Elasticsearch engine. According to course video sections next tutorials also appeared accordingly at current blog: Java Elasticsearch Elasticsearch Python Flask Symfony Elasticsearch I suppose it...

How to work with Elasticsearch 8 using Spring Boot 3.x and Spring Data Elasticsearch 5.x


Hi, Elasticsearch fans At current article I would like to show you how to work with Elasticsearch 8 version using Spring Boot 3.x version and Spring Data Elasticsearch 5.x package. It appeared that at Spring Data Elasticsearch 5.x version has a lot of different changes. First of all Elasticsearch 8 has security options enabled out of the box. As result the way we have to connect to search engine...

Java ElasticSearch


Hi, Current article is the introduction to the practice series of articles devoted to theme “How to work with ElasticSearch using Java and Spring Boot Framework”. You may treat it as Spring Boot ElasticSearch tutorial though you will get also additional deep knowledge at how to build search microservice from scratch, how to use programming patterns at real examples. So, lets start...

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