Elasticsearch basics



that is a higher level post that will include different articles around Elasticsearch basics theme. Here I will try to discuss next aspects:

  • elasticsearch data layer architecture;
  • elasticsearch document oriented nature;
  • how to work with elasticsearch using REST API and such tools as: curl package, elasticsearch head plugin, postman;
  • how to validate and format JSON objects;
  • base CRUD operations at elasticsearch document;
  • what is elasticsearch mapping and why it is so essential;
  • elasticsearch index settings;
  • DSL raw base queries;
  • DSL raw combined queries;

Below is the list of different articles related to the list’s positions mentioned above:

New articles would be added gradually, so if you are interested at elasticsearch basics, please visit that page regularly, or you may visit my course “Elasticsearch as you have never known it before”, where you will find all necessary information and even more

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