AWS OpenSearch Benchmarks – Part 1


Hi, DevOps fans Recently, 04.12.2023-05.12.2023. I have a pleasant occasion to perform AWS OpenSearch service performance benchmarks. The reason for that has a rather long story, but I will try to shorten it as much as possible. There is one application that uses Elasticsearch for performing different search operations. I will call it “Search App” below in text. Current application was migrated...

AWS devops: ElasticSearch at AWS with terraform and ansible


Udemy Coupon: SALESDECEMBER1 ENROLL AT AWS devops course Are you interested in docker orchestration? Would you like to uncover deep insights and pitfalls of AWS? Do you want to see the real power of Terraform and Ansible at real commercial examples? Or maybe you are looking for materilas that will help you to arrange your devops theory knowledge via the prism of practice. If yes – ...

Redis TIPS and TRICKS – how to Debug memory usage


Hi, Recently I’ve met a problem with REDIS memory usage at AWS ElastiCache service. It appeared that after some release, that happened 2 weeks ago, memory usage started to grow gradually like a snail. As result our memory monitoring caught the problem rather late. Here is the screen for AWS CloudWatch how it looked. While analyzing release by itself, I found a lot of changes related with...

Inside Elasticsearch cluster – how it works, performance, monitoring and hardware – Part 1


Hi, That is the beginning of article’s series devoted to the deep insides of Elasticsearch cluster. I will try to describe the most interesting and useful aspects of how Elasticsearch works, what is shards, what makes impact at performance, how to choose hardware and what parameters should be under constant monitoring. I will try to explain all as simple as possible sharing my 8...

Devops Basics


Hi, that is a higher level post that will include different articles around DevOps basics related to my udemy course “AWS devops: ElasticSearch at AWS with terraform and ansible“, but not only that 🙂 Here I will try to discuss next aspects: DevOps basics – e.g: who is devops, how to start devops learning career path, what are devops main duties and so on Terraform basics Ansible...

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